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R. M. Scott is a woodcarver and author from Minnesota who has carved so long the wooden figures came to life and asked him to write their stories. That makes him either crazy or enlightened – you decide. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota and the MBA from Concordia University. R. M. Scott lives in Minnesota with his woodcarvings and his cat.

More books in the Santa Keeper Mystery series featuring the magical villagers will follow –Elsie’s Secret Life, and Alice’s Secret Message. Now available, Christina’s Secret Family, Mystery in the Village and Christmas in the Village on Amazon.

The Missing Jackal Murder is the first in the Cora Chronicles Mystery series. Each standalone story features Cora’s adventures around the globe in 1926-1927. Each story includes a devious and twisting murder mystery.

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A humorous romantic mystery series! Christina Halvorson reluctantly inherited the 600-year-old family role of Keeper to a village of magical woodcarvings that hold the true secret of Santa. As Keeper she faces challenges when Santa is mysteriously destroyed. On top of that her boss assigns an impossible project, her jealous brother threatens her, and she needs to find a woodcarver to replace the old Santa in time for Christmas, all while warding off an old family nemesis. Widowed woodcarver Ian Thoen turns Christina’s life upside down especially when a village of busy body woodcarvings and his little daughter, Holly, try to encourage romance. With help from Ian, Holly and the villagers can Christina solve the riddle of the broken villager, restore the magic and discover the true secret of family?

Christina’s Secret Family on Amazon



As an agent for M-3, a top secret government organization, Julia Halvorsen has completed numerous missions to secure dangerous magical items. But from the start her personal, secret mission was to find and punish Oluf, the man who used a magical item to kill her husband and father. A chance encounter with her estranged daughter, Christina, has caused Julia to reconsider her obsession with revenge and reconnect with those she loved and abandoned years ago. Is it too late? Will Oluf take advantage of her lapse in vigilance to finish the job he started—to kill her in order to destroy the magic her family is honor-bound to protect?

Julia’s Secret Mission on Amazon                                                                                                           


It is 1926. Cora Gudmundson is determined not to yield to pressure to marry and settle down like a proper lady should. Cora wants a life of adventure so she saves her money and books a cruise to London on her own. Her mother is appalled but her father agrees to let her go. On the cruise Cora meets two young English archaeologists returning to London with a valuable Egyptian artifact locked in a black case exactly like the one she is carrying. Her case contains two of the magical woodcarvings her family has been honor bound to protect for over 600 years. These two particular woodcarvings have been her friends and confidants all her life, of course they want to share her adventure.

Upon arrival in London the cases are stolen off the dock by a couple of ruffians, Cora goes on a mad chase through the streets of London, and one of the archaeologists is murdered. Armed only with wits and daring Cora teams up with the remaining archaeologist, Archie Thorogood, to hunt down their cases with the priceless treasures inside. Can she trust Archie? Can they avoid arrest by Scotland Yard for interfering in a murder investigation? Will they solve the murder without falling victims themselves, or worse, fall in love?

The Missing Jackal Murder on Amazon


Mystery in the Village is a collection of short stories by R. M. Scott

Some of the stories involve characters from my two mystery series: The Cora Chronicles and The Santa Keeper Mysteries.

In Cora and the Train Murder, our heroine from the Cora Chronicles is returning home with a tour group after and exciting trip to London when one of her fellow passengers is found dead in his bed. Can Cora solve the case before anyone else is attacked or escapes?

In ‘The Night of the Living Band Saw’, two mischief making twins from Christina’s Secret Family: ‘A Santa Keeper Mystery’ are at it again. Getting into trouble is their specialty.

In ‘Kel’s and Uda’s First Halloween’, the two mischief making twins from ‘Christina’s Secret Family: A Santa Keeper Mystery’ are allowed to leave the house to go out Trick-or-Treating with Holly. Will Holly and her father regret that decision as the night goes on?

Mystery in the Village on Amazon


Christmas in the Village is a collection of short stories by R. M. Scott.

Some of the stories involve characters from my two mystery series: The Cora Chronicles and The Santa Keeper Mysteries.

‘Cora and the Stolen Christmas Angel Caper’, our heroine from the Cora Chronicles is part of her high school Christmas play committee in 1921. All is not calm. Someone had stolen the play’s Christmas Angel. Can Cora find the angel before ruining her classmates Christmas?

‘Gunda’s Favorite Thanksgiving’, ‘Nils Wins a Trip to the Tree Farm’ and ‘Holly’s Christmas Night’ are wonderful short story companions to Christina’s Secret Family: ‘A Santa Keeper Mystery’. Will Holly, Gunda or Nils get in the way of the spirit of the Holiday Season?

‘Nicholas and Julia’ is the first chapter of Julia’s Secret Mission: ‘A Santa Keeper Mystery’. Also ‘Astrid’s Recipe for Farmer Cookies’ is also companion story for the Julia book. Let’s hope these two don’t make a big mess for Christmas.

Also, ‘Alice’s First Day on the Job’ is a companion story for the upcoming book: Alice’s Secret Message. Alice tries to do her part for the war effort in 1942. She will later find she may find herself in more trouble than she could handle.

Two additional short Christmas stories may help brighten your holiday. Christmas in the Village on Amazon


More to come. Keep watching.