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Julia’s Secret Mission

As an agent for M-3, a top secret non-government organization, Julia Halvorsen has completed numerous missions to secure dangerous magical items. But from the start her personal, secret mission was to find and punish Oluf. He is the man who […]

Christina’s Secret Family

Christina Halvorsen reluctantly inherited the 600-year-old family responsibility. The Norwegian title translates to ‘Daughter who cares for the villagers.’ The title became Americanized to ‘The Santa Keeper’ by an ancestral immigrant over a century and a half ago. Despite her […]

Bird watching at 65 miles per hour

Yes, texting while driving can be dangerous to your health. If you don’t pay attention to the road, looked down at your cell phone, the best that would happen is that you land in the ditch. Distractions caused disasters. That […]

Santa Carving and the Writer

My woodcarvings play a major role in my Santa Keeper Mystery series. I write magical realism mysteries in which woodcarvings come to life. The genre of magical realism is to accept magic in the rational world. As a woodcarver who specializes […]

Lucy Watches Me When I Write

Really – Does collaborative fiction writing work? Do those you collaborate with impede your writing? Do they squash your creativity? Maybe so, but most likely not. Soon I will post ‘Does Collaborative Fiction Writing Work’. This may be true for […]