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I’m eager to see what the beholder thinks with these colorful characters

Wood Carving is like Writing – I Create Colorful Characters

Colorful Characters Come Alive Woodcarvings play a colorful role in my Santa Keeper Mystery series. I write magical realism mysteries in which woodcarvings come to life. Magical realism is to accept magic in the rational world. Also, each unique piece is hand carved and next to impossible to duplicate. This is the magic of the unique figure. …

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Christina's Secret Family

Christina’s Secret Family

Christina’s Troubles Christina’s troubles started when she reluctantly inherited the 600-year-old family responsibility. The Norwegian title translates to ‘Daughter who cares for the villagers.’ The title became Americanized to ‘The Santa Keeper’ by an ancestral immigrant over a century and a half ago. Despite her desire for independence, she must take care of a miniature village …

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Use clarity. Don’t assume your readers will see what you see

Tighten the loop! Bring Clarity to Your Writing

Use Clarity in Your Stories Today, I’m thinking about fly-fishing and writing; two unrelated topics. You have may have seen fly fishermen with their funny hats and vests covered with tackle, standing knee-deep in a brook. Their long rod bows waving high in the air as they pull their line back and forth. The fly …

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