Let's Keep Writing

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Let’s Keep Writing

My Writing Mission Statement – to help writers to develop the best story direct from their own creativity. To bring manuscripts to first draft, then to publish.

What can I say? I love to write. Likewise, I love to teach. I’ve been a wood carver since 1999 and I’ve been teaching for over 15 years. Like wood sculpting, writing stories is an art, an art form I love to teach. These blog posts will help you to finish you goal to complete a book, a story that is easy and fun for your readers to read.

Writing is an art form that anyone can master. I want to show you how to create their story from beginning, then get that story ready for publishing. There’s hardly anything more thrilling than to finish your first draft, present your book to the publisher and see your work and name in print. Accomplishment, we’ll work together to get you to your goals.

Are you a good writer? Let your readers tell you so. Until you reach your first draft, edit and send your story for all to read, you won’t know what your readers will think of your story. Motivation is a key point to writing. Starting is another key point. But without dedication to accomplish your story, your characters sit and show nothing.

My goal is to write blog posts and books on writing to get you started. You’ll become comfortable with the words you put down on paper or computer. With your new level of confidence, you will achieve your goal and complete your story.

With practice, you will tell your story for your reader to enjoy. Let me help you build your novel. And when you’ve accomplished that, it’s time to start and finish your next book. Let’s get writing together.