Month: July 2017

Getting Your Readers Hooked with Your First Pages

How are you going to get your readers hooked after reading the first few pages of your story? Sharpen your writing skills by creating a great opening line that describes either the character’s situation or the setting that effects your […]

To Adverb or Not to Adverb

Adverbs creep into our stories. Your story can’t move along with vague words. You need to show your character or your plot settings with active words. Adverbs may be too vague to give your readers a clear view of what […]

Julia’s Secret Mission

As an agent for M-3, a top secret non-government organization, Julia Halvorsen has completed numerous missions to secure dangerous magical items. But from the start her personal, secret mission was to find and punish Oluf. He is the man who […]

Where am I?

I don’t know about you but I need to get a quick lay of the land when I begin to read a story. When your readers begin your story, you want them to become immersed in your story from the […]

Christina’s Secret Family

Christina Halvorsen reluctantly inherited the 600-year-old family responsibility. The Norwegian title translates to ‘Daughter who cares for the villagers.’ The title became Americanized to ‘The Santa Keeper’ by an ancestral immigrant over a century and a half ago. Despite her […]