But how are you going to get your readers hooked on the first few pages while they make a snap judgment about your story?

Getting Your Readers Hooked with Your First Pages

Get Your Readers Hooked Like a Fish Hooked on a Lure and Real Them In

How are you going to get your readers hooked after reading the first few pages of your story? Sharpen your writing skills by creating a great opening line that describes either the character’s situation or the setting that effects your character. This is to get your reader to read the next sentence and the next sentence… Now, let’s get them on to the next page.

The reader is more interested in the way you lay down your story, to keep them reading. There is not enough time to go through your entire plot in such a small allotted time. Yes, you’ve written a great story. Your characters will make your story shine. And your characters will change in a big way to the resolution. You know they will be pleased to read through the final climax and settle in with the resolution.

All well and good. But how are you going to lead them past the first few pages while they make a snap judgment about your story? Again, it’s in the way you craft your words. Give your readers a clear view of your story, and you as an author, so they will know your story is well worth their time reading.

Now, your readers are past your initial creative process of your characters. We then take your characters, dressed them up to be worth knowing and caring for. Show your characters worthiness and shove them up to your readers so they can judge if their story is worth pursuing.

Remember. Your taking your reader with you as you guide them through your story. Is the beginning crafted so that your readers will commit after the launch? Again, it’s in the way you present your art.

Immediately put your story context in your readers’ mind. Paint the picture to start your story and how that picture effects the characters, then move the story along beyond the opening scene. Will your readers become fascinated in the beginning or walk away and put your book down? Get your readers hooked after the first few pages, and move on.


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