Those emotional scars will dictate their traits.

How would you dress your characters?

What Character Traits Do They Wear 

What do your characters look like? Physical features may explain your characters personality and traits. If you plan to have your character as a roughhouse, put a scar on his face. That scar will have a story to tell. That scar is a back story for you to use throughout your novel.

What about your female characters? Is she shy? That’s because she may have a physical anomaly she’s ashamed of. What horror stories can she tell the torments from her days in public school? She may interact in a negative way to your other beautiful female characters. Her back story shows her emotional scars. Those emotional scars will dictate how she acts.

What about what your characters wear?

I am reminded of a Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd cartoon when a nearby train drops a crate of various hats. The crate opens and hats fly towards our characters. And as each hat plants on the heads of those characters, they took on the personality of the design of that hat. Military hats, they act as if they were in the Army. If ladies’ hats falls on their heads, they transform their personalities and act like a lady. This is the same with what your characters wear. That outward expression shows your characters’ personality based on the style of clothing they wear or physical anomalies they may have.

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Dressing your characters to fit their personality and describing the clothing will show a clearer picture of your characters. If your character has a flamboyant personality, the more outrageous the clothing the character wears.

For the normal, ordinary, run-of-the-mill characters, you need little clothing description. Your readers will envision everyday clothing on your everyday characters. If that’s what you want, that’s fine. But the more colorful the characters, the more colorful outfits they should wear.

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